Deadly Earthquake strikes Lombok Island

A series of earthquakes have rocked Lombok Island, the famous tourist destination in Indonesia, with the biggest, on Sunday 5 August, measuring magnitude 6.9. Over 430 people were killed and nearly 1,400 people were injured.
The deadly tremor – accompanied by dozens of aftershocks – has caused widespread damage. In the most affected area of North Lombok, buildings were damaged and power was out. At least 350,000 people are displaced and scattered.

Schools are badly damaged during the earthquake.

Plan International Indonesia has deployed an emergency response team to conduct rapid needs assessment in the affected areas, and is scaling up our emergency response:

  • Provide hygiene kits (including items like toothpastes and tooth brushes, soaps and sanitary pads) to the affected households to prevent potential epidemic diseases;
  • Distribute items like tarpaulin and blankets to provide shelter and protection to the affected families.

Plan International will continue to respond to the urgent needs of children and affected communities.