What we do

Search for Ex-beneficiaries

Since returning to Hong Kong in July 2009, Plan has kicked off a campaign called “Where are They Now?”. The target of this campaign is to look for the 12,000 children that were helped by Plan back to 1950s and 1960s.  We have actively made announcements on radio, newspapers, magazines and other channels. Furthermore, we advertised in the communications of various collage alumni associations, searched through social media websites and tried many different ways to look for our social workers from the past.  We have successfully located more than 400 ex-beneficiaries, this is very encouraging. When knowing the return of Plan, most of the ex-beneficiaries were so excited, flushed and happy; moreover, the passion that was hidden in their mind for 40 or 50 years was suddenly released.

Plan has organised gatherings for the ex-beneficiaries for many times. They didn’t only recapture the history of Plan, but also shared their personal experiences, it was so touching.

We will organise re-union irregularly, we hope that there will be more people joining this event and to pass on the love.  A group of passionate ex-beneficiaries has established the “Friends of Plan”, they arrange volunteer works and organise re-union gatherings.  They are eager to work for Plan.

Please contact us at supporter@plan.org.hk or call us at (852) 3405 5305 if you or your family and friends were Ex-Plan Children, we have regular gathering with them and would love to share more stories.