Ex-Plan Child – Mr. Edward Cheung

How much does HK$45 mean to you? Today it could probably just buy you a lunch. But that was 1/3 of my family income in 1960s. I had been receiving HK$45 monthly from someone that I had never met this generous person was my foster father, Mr. Robert Lyle Plunkett. Our acquaintance was through Plan....
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Last Call to “Walk for Children” 2014!

  In order to provide more and better education for poor children living in developing areas, many compassionate and loving Hong Kong citizens are ready to gather at West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade on 27th April 2014, in support of Plan International’s annual charity event “Walk for Children”.

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang put best foot forward for “Walk for Children” 2014 27th April at Kowloon West Waterfront Promenade

Since assuming the role of Plan Ambassadors, renowned artistes Alex Fong and Stephy Tang have been tremendously supportive of Plan International Hong Kong. Not content to be child sponsors at a distance, they also visited their sponsored children in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam in order to gain first-hand experience of their living and learning environments....
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