Let Children Grow in Love

In developing countries, many children are denied the basic rights to survive, receive health and medical care, and education. Globally, more than 350 million children aged 5 to 17 are out of school, 844 million people lack access to safe and clean drinking water, 17 million children are severely emaciated, and 155 million are stunted. In this affluent society of Hong Kong nowadays, basic living needs are mostly satisfied. Nonetheless, according to statistics from the Social Welfare Department, the total number of physical and mental abuse cases has shown an upward trend. From 2012 to 2022, the number of reported child abuse cases has increased significantly by 60% from 894 to 1,439.

Plan International is committed to promoting four fundamental rights of children stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which are survival rights, developmental rights, protection rights and participation rights. Every child should be endowed with these four rights, and they must have a warm and safe environment to grow up healthily, be equipped with an adequate education, given the opportunity to develop their potential and take an active role in the activities of society.

We advance and promote children rights with different approaches in developing countries and Hong Kong, based on the level of development and needs of the children, so as to cater the needs of the children, their families, the communities and stakeholders, with the aim of realising children rights at all levels of society and let children grow healthily and happily.

Our programme focus:
Developing Countries

Early Childhood Development
Ending Violence
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Skills and Decent Work
Young People Driving Change
Emergency Relief Project

Child Abuse Prevention
Establish and Promote Child Safeguarding Policy
Public Education and Advocacy
Empower Children and Youth to Drive Change
Promote the Interests of the Ethnic Minorities
Support Disadvantaged Children and Youth
Emergency Relief Project

Support children in different areas, at different stage of development and with different needs
to realise their basic rights and grow up healthily and happily.