Prestigious people who are noted for their achievements in their respective disciplines have become volunteer ambassadors of Plan International Hong Kong. They support our work and hope more people will join them to fight for children’s rights.

Stephy Tang
Famous Singer and Actress

“I’m lucky to live in Hong Kong and would like to help girls in developing countries improve their lives. I also hope more people could join me.”

Nancy Wu
Famous Actress

“Girls can be just as capable as boys! Despite living in a small remote village, their minds go way beyond that. Not only do they wish to fight for their rights, they are also brave enough to take actions. Every baby step counts as they turn out to be big steps to change our society”

Natalie Tong
Famous Actress

“After meeting the girls through the Bangladesh trip, I found out that gender inequlity takes away many precious opportunities girls deserve. Knowing that knowledge is the key to a bright future, they just wish to have a healthy body and a chance to learn. I hope that their wishes can come true.”

Leila Kong
Famous Actress

“Girls in developing countries don’t even have basic rights. I hope more people can care for girls’ rights.”

Annie Liu
Famous Actress

“From the hopeless eyes of the Rwandan girls, I have seen their double sufferings of being “refugees” and “girls”. But their perseverance reminds us that they can run towards a brighter future once they get a chance!”

Jennifer Yu
Famous Actress

“I believe that knowledge is the key to transforming lives, so I really support the work of Plan International, to keep girls in school, preventing them from child marriage, and letting them have the opportunity to chase their dreams!”

Sophia & her daughter Lucy, Sucy
Famous KOL

“Build up their empathy by caring the vulnerable children in the world”

Lisa Cheng
Famous Athlete

“Everything is possible! Girls need more love!”

Lesley Chiang
Famous Actress

“Every girl goes through menstruation. As a woman, I want to stand up for them and encourage more people to support girls.”

Catherine Chau
Famous Actress

“A small donation means a lot to the girl’s family! I hope that more people can feel the joy of helping others and make the world a better place together.”

Charlene Tse
Culinary Artist

“I am glad that I have the opportunity to develop a career for starting a new chapter in my life. If we give the same opportunity to girls in need, they can bloom too!”

Nicola Cheung
Famous Singer and Actor

“A valuable chance for my daughters to care about others in the world through Plan International’s Child Sponsorship Programme.”

Alfred Cheung
Ex-beneficiary, Famous Screenwriter and Director

“Through the community-based Child Sponsorship programme, we can improve the situation of the entire community, build hospitals and schools, and change more children’s life.”

Alex Fong
Famous Singer and Actor

“As an artist, I hope to bring positive influence to the community. I agree with Plan International’s mission that by providing quality education, we can help children become self-reliant and improve their living situations.”

Wong Cho-lam
Famous Artist

“Plan International is committed to helping needy children in developing countries. I think it is very meaningful.”