Plan International Hong Kong is fully committed to ending violence against children and promoting a safe and harmonious environment in which children and young people can grow up happily , regardless of their age and gender. To realise children’s rights at all levels of society so as to prevent them from being treated with abuse and violence, Plan International has rolled out local programmes and influencing work through evidence-based research, partnership programmes, policy advocacy, and public education since 2017. We believe preventive measures are more effective in safeguarding children’s best interests.

With more than 80 years’ of experience, Plan International advocates a holistic, system-strengthening approach to assist child related organisations in setting up both preventive and responsive measures in protecting children from any form of harm when children associate with any activities or daily operations of the organisations.

The diagram below illustrates the organisation’s Impact Area Overview: The right to protection, end violence for children. Plan International collaborates with different partners to influence:

(1) Law and Policy Makers;
(2) Public Services Officials;
(3) Civil Society Organisations; and
(4) Community Leaders & Key Opinion Figures.