Plan International strives for a just world in which girls are valued and their rights are realized. Through our work, girls are able to learn, lead, decide and thrive in an enabling environment. With Girls Fund, we help improve the lives of girls in developing countries and protect them from discrimination, inequality and violence.

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How We Advance Equality for Girls?

(*2018 Global Figures)

A better start in life for
7,308,929 girls

3,379,601 girls
with better access to education

Improving sexual and reproductive health
for 2,089,352 girls

1,470,717 girls supported
to be active citizens

Gender-sensitive child protection
for 3,026,491 girls

1,016,124 girls with improved skills
and work opportunities

Programme Highlights 

(*Year 2018)

Ending Trafficking in Nepal

Every year, more than 8,000 girls and women in Nepal are trafficked across the border into India and overseas within the country, Plan International is working to bring an end to trafficking by:

  • Operating booths on Nepal-India border to help people look out for signs of trafficking
  • Providing a space for reporting concerns
  • Supporting survivors with required services, like providing support for their repatriation
  • Empowering children and adolescents so that they can prevent themselves from being trafficked

Over 3,000 girls and women are benefited.

Keeping Vietnamese Girls in School

Living in remote area of Ha Giang, Vietnam, over 60 primary school students have to spend hours walking to school every day. Girls in particular may be at serious risk of violence, further discouraging them from attending school. Plan International built a school dormitory to provide students a safe living environment for continuing their education.