Girls Get Equal, Plan International’s global girl-led campaign, has been launched since 2018. It aims to empower 200 million girls and young woman to learn, lead, decide and thrive, and protect them from inequality and violence.

(*2021 Global Figures)

How We Advance Equality for Girls?

(*2021 Global Figures)

Healthy development programmes for
4,028,542 girls

Better access to education for
6,386,644 girls

Sexual and reproductive health programmes for
5,773,835 girls

Opportunities for 3,465,049 girls
to be active citizens

Gender-sensitive child protection for
5,943,421 girls

Skills and work opportunities for
565,169 girls 

Programme Highlights 

(*Year 2021)

Change Children’s Future by Education

In Lai Chau Province of Vietnam, children there struggled  to return to school even though the schools gradually resumed classes. Teachers had to go on a six-hour journey with food, stationeries and other gifts to visit the children’s families in remote villages, just to persuade the parents to let their children continue their studies. With the efforts of teachers, we are pleased to see a greater number of students return to school ! From the end of October to early November in 2021 as the lockdown was easing slowly, Plan International purchased and delivered 10 screens and projectors for two Vietnam schools to improve the learning environment of approximately 800 students and to change their future by education.

Menstruation Will No Longer Be a Curse to Nepali Girls

Menstruation is considered as “unclean” in Nepal. Other than facing severe discrimination, Nepali girls are even isolated in menstrual huts where they might get hypothermia in winter. The unreasonably high selling price of sanitary pads in Nepal also forces girls in poverty to use old cloths as substitutes, which might lead to illness. With the support from our donors, Plan International launched the “Breaking Silence” project in Secondary School in Nepal. Educational activities on menstruation were organised and hygiene management facilities including new toilets, hand washing stations, sanitary vending machines and small incinerators were built so that girls can enjoy a carefree period in school.