Our position

Many people believe that only girls in developing countries face the consequences of gender inequity, child marriage and female genital mutilation. However, the sad truth is that gender inequality affects the development of ethnic minority girls in Hong Kong as well and constrains their development. We believe that all girls are entitled to the same rights in development, and should not have their education or potentials limited by child marriage or gender norms at large.

Our action

Plan International Hong Kong funded and supported the research ‘Dreams of Pakistani Children’ launched by The Zubin Foundation and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong Ms. Puja Kapai. As the research findings show, early engagement creates fears in Pakistani girls that they will have to fulfil their family expectations for marriage and abandon their dreams to study or work in later years of their life, thus hindering their development and realization of potentials.

The research aims at giving related Hong Kong stakeholders a glimpse into how gender norms constrain the aspirations and dreams of Pakistani girls, with the hope of seeking a multi-disciplinary solution to Pakistani girls’ situation.