Street Fundraising

Plan International Hong Kong is conducting street fundraising activities in different parts of the city. Our enthusiastic and energetic fundraising teams welcome detailed face-to-face discussions with people on Plan International’s work and mission, and work tirelessly to help recruit monthly donors for our Child Sponsorship Programme and Girls Fund.

Professional fundraising consultancy companies help increase the effectiveness in reaching our potential donors. Therefore, we have appointed Able Solution Consultants Co Ltd., Blueprint Management Consultancy Ltd., Linkage Production Ltd., Mission Support Ltd. and MVP Consultants & Development Ltd. to help us recruit monthly donors. Our fundraisers will introduce our work for children and invite the public to become child sponsors and/ or Girls Fund donors.

Pun Sok Kun (Grace) 

Every day, we meet different kinds of people and they have different reactions to street fundraising. Some citizens show their generosity; some just pass by in a rush. It is discouraging when we get rejected. However, I believe with our determination and hard work, more underprivileged children will be helped and benefited. Therefore, we appreciate people who stop and listen to our presentation. We seize every opportunity to explain Plan International’s work to them, hoping that they would give their support to Plan international and children in need, creating positive changes to the children’s lives.  

Chan Siu Yuk (Bonnie) 

I feel blessed to be a fundraiser of Plan International as I have gained valuable experience from this job. I understand no matter how hard my job is, it can never be compared to what the children in the low-income countries are suffering. 

Being a fundraiser is not only a job to me, but a mission as well. I remember once a donor thanked me for offering him a chance to do good after joining the Child Sponsorship Programme. I was really happy to hear that. Sometimes, citizens donate to Plan International not only because they endorse the organization’s work, but also because they are moved by the passion of fundraisers. Some citizens see me as a friend. I listen to their grumbles in life with patience and offer them my comfort. I really love being a fundraiser. I will work even harder to help more people in need. 

Chen Ming Hon (Hon)

People in Hong Kong are busy in their lives and they may not be aware of the challenges some children face under extremely difficult living circumstances. I walk through streets and alleys, trying to explain to citizens about the unfairness faced by children and to strive for the deserved rights of these unheard children. Through recruiting child sponsors, I can help children in need transform their lives and bring smiles to their faces.