Face-to-face conversation is the most effective way to communicate with one another. To enable the public to learn more about the works of Plan International while soliciting donations and resources for improving the lives of children living in developing countries, our fundraisers reach out to the citizens on the street to share our missions and different kinds of projects with them, and encourage them to become our monthly donors so that we can gather sustainable resources to enhance children’s rights and transform their lives. 

About Street Fundraising

What is street fundraising?

  • . Face-to-face fundraising is proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods to reach out to the citizens on the street to share our missions and different kinds of projects with them, and encourage them to become our monthly donors.

How to verify the identity of Plan International fundraising ambassador?

  • Our Fundraisers wear visibly branded T-shirt with Plan International logo. They have a working pass that clearly indicates their name, staff ID, and includes a recent photo.
  • The monthly donation method is divided into credit card and automatic transfer. We encourage members of the public to make monthly donations in the form of credit cards and autopays. Fundriasers NEVER ask for nor do they accept cash or cheque donations on the street, except where donation boxes are provided at specific fund-raising events
  • If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our Supporter Services Team by phone at 3405-5305 or email [email protected].

Sharing of Fundriasers

No matter it is a sunny or rainy day, our fundraisers hope to recruit more donors for us and try their best to live up to the missions and values of Plan International. How do they maintain their enthusiasm and vigour? Let’s hear their thoughts. 


Time passes fast, I have been working for Plan International Hong Kong as a fundraiser for almost 12 years. Being a fundraiser is not just a job, its sense of achievement has constantly motivated me to carry on. I believe that my every effort would help more children and girls from developing countries to be free from poverty and child marriage and they could create a future the way they wanted.

I still remember on my first day at work, I met a gentleman working in the financial sector without knowing much about Plan International Hong Kong. After I explained in detail how our monthly donation programme operates, my sincerity undoubtedly touched him. He decided to join Kids Sponsor Kids – Child Sponsorship Programme, by sponsoring two children from developing countries on behalf of his two kids.  This is an encouraging experience that I can encourage others to work together on transforming the lives and futures of the two children.

Working on the street is filled with challenges. As my family learns more about my work, they are all so proud of me. My daughter, still a primary school student at that time, asked her classmates’ mothers to become a fundraiser as well as the job is so meaningful. With the recognition from my daughter and family, I am even more passionate about it. Knowing that many children have to give up their studies and girls become child brides due to poverty, I realise how blessed my life is. I will keep up with my job and offer a helping hand to the needy.


Working for Plan International is meaningful and it goes well with my life goal. I always wish to support children from developing countries. I also hope to be a volunteer teacher to offer free lessons to children coming from underprivileged families after my retirement. Therefore, I chose to become a fundraiser for Plan International Hong Kong since 2012.

After 10 years, I believe that all are born with a good heart. I met a lady who worked as a janitor, she once gave up donating due to unemployment. However, after she was hired again, she insisted to become a donor again without any hesitation. Watching children suffer around the world, I respect those who are willing to sacrifice for the well-being of others. This job also teaches me happiness is not taken for granted and I treasure what I have. I am so proud that I try my best to change the fate of many children.      

For the past three years under the shadow of COVID-19, unemployment and anti-pandemic measures have built barriers and mistrust among people. Yet, sincerity, patience and perseverance are the keys to impressing donors! As COVID-19 disappears, I hope my team could be enlarged with more manpower to support more children in need. 

Guidance & Regulation

Plan International is a member of the Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance. We will fully support the “Code of Practice on Face-to-Face Regular Donors’ Recruitment in Hong Kong” and enhance the transparency and accountability of donor acquisition. To learn more about the Alliance and the practice: https://www.f2f.org.hk/en/face2face.html

Public Subscription Permit: 2014/257/1