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Situation Analysis Study on Child Safeguarding Policy (parents, children and the education sector) 

Recently, serious child abuse cases have sparked heated discussion in Hong Kong on how to fix loopholes in the child protection system to better protect children from family abuse. However, it is worth noting that children also face serious risks of harm in institutional contexts like schools, private tuition centres and interest classes.
To learn the level of child safety in education institutions from children’s perspective, Plan International Hong Kong commissioned Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute to conduct the first-ever Child Safeguarding Policy Research in education sector from March 2020 to April 2021. Given no official Child Safeguarding Policy regulations or framework in Hong Kong, Plan International Hong Kong developed a Child Safeguarding Policy framework with four dimensions and twenty standards following a comprehensive literature review of relevant legal requirements and guidelines from other jurisdictions. The framework was adopted throughout the study and was used to benchmark the implementation of CSP measures in Hong Kong.

Research summary

Research Summary

Situation Analysis Study on Child Safeguarding Policy (Sports Organisations)

Plan International Hong Kong has conducted the first-ever Situation Analysis Research on Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) in the sports sector. With 20 proposed child safeguarding policy standards developed with comprehensive literature review, this study attempts to benchmark the implementation of child safeguarding policy in local sports organisations against the global standards. It also aims at analysing the factors influencing the level of CSP implementation, including the understanding on child abuse, attitudes towards CSP and if any barriers exist which affect the level of CSP implementation.

Dreams of Pakistani Children

Plan International Hong Kong funded and supported the research study ‘Dreams of Pakistani Children’, the findings of which were recently launched by The Zubin Foundation and Puja Kapai, Associate Professor of Law in the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the University of Hong Kong.

At the initial launch, the report was presented to Dr. Law Chi-kwong, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare and has served as the basis for discussion with relevant stakeholders.

As the research findings show, practices, expectations and experiences of a sample of Pakistani girls in Hong Kong is indicative of challenges to their equal rights to education, their developmental rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the realisation of their full potential towards a life they aspire to lead. The findings confirmed that early engagement is seen prevalent among Pakistani girls in Hong Kong, which sets them on course towards a trajectory where they are expected to abandon their dreams to study or work in later years of their life and work towards the fulfillment of their family’s expectations for their marriage and building a suitable home life.

The research findings provide detailed insights into different contexts and factors which constrain the dreams and aspirations of Pakistani girls in Hong Kong at different stages of their lives. In particular, the research highlights key areas for support with the provision of opportunities and incentives for all related Hong Kong stakeholders to address the gendered impact of the operative norms and structures on Pakistani girls. By identifying a multi-disciplinary approach, the prospects for equality of access to education and other forms of empowerment of Pakistani girls can be enhanced.