“Kindergarten Child Safeguarding Practice Manual” was written with reference to the Child Safeguarding Policy framework and in light of the practical operation of kindergartens. It is a comprehensive set of guides for kindergartens, with additional situation analysis and a series of document templates to help kindergartens develop their Child Safeguarding Policy as early as possible, so as to minimise the harm or maltreatment of children as a result of misconduct or neglect by school staff, and prevent child victimisation.

During Feb 2022 to Jul 2022, a group of children explored the potential discussion topics in Kwai Chung community. After investigation, they provided a series of suggestions for the discussion topics; the related research findings and report were released on 24 Jul 2022 in a press conference. The conference enabled the public to know more about children’s thoughts and imagination on Kwai Chung district. This survey report has gathered all the research results and opinion as reference for future’s survey.

Using our global training manual ‘Bamboo Shoots’ as the blueprint for our Child Participatory Community Development Project, we have benchmarked our experience in facilitating community child participation in other Asian countries to develop the localised “Voices of the Children” programme model in Hong Kong.

We hope the training manual, encompassing the details of our training workshops for both adult facilitators and participating children, will serve as a reference for other child-related professionals to promote child participation in communities and engage other passionate adult facilitators to help realise children’s participation right together.

Love from Thousands of Miles Away

Since returning to Hong Kong in 2009, Plan International Hong Kong has kicked off a campaign looking for the 12,000 children helped by Plan International back to 1950s and 1960s. A group of passionate ex-beneficiaries has become supporters and volunteers ever since.

Among them are 27 ex-beneficiaries, who are very grateful for being supported by their foster parents and Plan International at their young age. They each wrote about their growing up stories and included them in a book called “Love from Thousands of Miles Away”. The book acts as a token of appreciation to their “fathers” and “mothers” from afar.