Our Global Safeguarding Policy

At Plan International, we respect and uphold the rights of all children and programme participants. It is therefore imperative to our mandate to ensure that children and programme participants do not experience harm, abuse, exploitation, or any other forms of violence.

Underpinned by this ‘do-no-harm’ principle, Plan International has developed the Global Safeguarding Policy to help create a safe environment for children and programme participants.

Scope of Policy

All our staff, associates (including board members, volunteers and partners) and visitors must adhere to the Global Safeguarding Policy.

Safeguarding Code of Conduct

A set of behavioural guidelines for working with children and programme participants are outlined in the Safeguarding Code of Conduct which all our staff, associates and visitors are mandated to comply.

Reporting and Responding

Our staff, associates and visitors are required to report any safeguarding concerns they may have or are made aware of. All concerns raised under the scope of our Global Safeguarding Policy will be dealt with promptly, appropriately and confidentially.

For More Information

If you have any questions about our Global Safeguarding Policy, please email our Safeguarding Focal Points at [email protected] or call (852) 3405 5305.

Please click here to read our Global Safeguarding Policy and see our framework for safeguarding in the following poster: