Kids Sponsor Kids – Child Sponsorship Programme

Sign up for our “Kids Sponsor Kids – Child Sponsorship Programme” today and engage your child in helping children in developing countries live a better life. Your child and the sponsored child will grow up together, building a special friendship.

By becoming a sponsor, your child will be able to exchange letters with the sponsored child and gain a deeper understanding of the life of the sponsored child. Gradually, your child will be inspired to help others and count their blessings.

Start Your Sponsorship Journey

Start Your Sponsorship Journey, sponsor a child in the name of your child with just HK$8 per day:

  • Changing the life of the sponsored child
  • Building up the empathy by caring the vulnerable children in the world
  • Establish values of kindness, cherishing & sharing
  • Building up the friendship and grow up together by exchanging letters & life-sharing with the sponsored child
How does “Kids Sponsor Kids” work?

When you sponsor a child, you will support their entire community and invest in long-term, community-based programmes focused on community education, early childhood development, ending violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, skills and decent work and young people driving change etc.

Empowering children and their communities to become self-sustainable is the best and long-lasting way to free from the poverty trap.

You are encouraged to build a friendship with your sponsored child. Their carefully drawn pictures and letters will enable you to share in the daily joys and struggles of your child’s life as they grow and prosper.

Exclusive Privileges
  • Receive a “Certificate of Appreciation” as a recognition.
  • Through the letters exchange with the sponsored child, to establish a continuous and sustainable relationship with them
  • Receive the “Child Safeguarding Board Game“* so that the children can learn about self-protection (The board game is eligible to the members upon successful registration on or after 1 March 2023. The board games are available while stocks last.)
  • Get discounted prices on “We Are Children Treasure Box” storybook series*
  • Priority to enroll in various workshops so that the children can build up the physical and mental diversity
  • Become a member of Kids Sponsor Kids volunteer team and participate in various volunteer activities (such as assisting in the charity sale of pencils, handcraft DIY etc. ,so that children can build a spirit of helping others)

*Sponsored by Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation

Certificate of Appreciation

Letters exchange with the sponsored child

Child Safeguarding Board Game

Experience Sharing

Little brother and sister send out the blessing to the poor African children by fund-raising in birthday party

Wilfred Yuen has taken the initiative to raise money for Plan International while celebrating his birthday since he was 4 years old. With the money, he has been sponsoring a girl from Africa. The act of kindness also inspires his younger sister Katelyn to hold a fundraising birthday party together every year. Under their parents’ guidance, Wilfred and Katelyn have learnt to share love with children living thousands of miles away from us.

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A master degree Mom pursue their dreams with her children

Lisa Cheng, a mother of four children, is one of the most successful female athletes in Hong Kong who has broken several records. Despite her mediocre performance in the Certificate of Education Examination, she obtained a master degree in Drama Education. Inspired by her own experience, Lisa wishes to give back to the society. She decided to lend a helping hand to children in need after realising many of them still live in poverty. She also hopes her children to learn to cherish and share love from helping others.

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Young actors visit Cambodia, learn about treasure & sharing

A child actor Leander Lau spent a unique summer holiday in Cambodia where he met a new friend, Chhay.  The interaction with Chhay offered Leander a glimpse of life in developing countries and made him realise how lucky he is to live in Hong Kong.  He wishes to share his experience in Cambodia and urges the public to learn more about the difficulties faced by underprivileged children and their needs.

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Previous Events

Online Parenting Talks - Completed

  • Four sessions of parenting talks were held online
  • The talks covered child safeguarding concepts, parent-child reading, parenting skills and storybook sharing etc
  • Sponsored by Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation

Mini Hunger Banquet, Parent-child Cooking DIY Workshop (Free of charge) - Completed

  • Suitable for children aged 3-8 and their parents
  • Date and Duration: 24 March 2019 (4 pm – 6 pm)

“Love and Caring” Drama and Singing Workshop (Free of charge) - Completed

  • Suitable for children aged 5-8
  • 5 sessions, 2 hours/ sessions + 1 on-stage performance
Upcoming Events

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