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Kids Sponsor Kids

Sponsor a kid in the name of your child. Apart from helping underprivileged children to live a proper childhood, let your children also treasure what they have.

Through the participation of Plan’s “Kids Sponsor Kids – Child Sponsorship”, you and your child will help children in developing countries live a proper childhood. Meanwhile, your own children will experience the joy of sharing love and compassion with underprivileged children, which can be considered as a kind of parenting education.

Sponsoring needy children in the name of your own children can help children in developing countries live a better life. Your children will have a wonderful experience of being a Sponsor. Furthermore, moral education can be facilitated. Through the letters received, your children will understand more the daily life of the sponsored child, and be inspired to care about their community and help others without expectation of rewards. Appropriate moral values can also be developed.

“My three children have donated their Red Pocket Money for Child Sponsorship. Sponsoring a kid in your children’s name will strengthen their sense of responsibility, teach them about the spirit of helping, and remind them to treasure what they have.”

Alfred Cheung
Plan Ambassador and Ex-beneficiary

Register "Kids Sponsor Kids - Child Sponsorship" now! Donate just HK$8 a day (monthly donation of HK$240). Sponsors will receive the Child Sponsorship manual, as well as the "Kids Sponsor Kids - Child Sponsorship" certificate  as encouragement.

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