FAQs on Use of Donations and Resources

Can my donations truly get to the beneficiaries?

Plan International Hong Kong has rigorous procedures to manage project funding and ensure the proper use of donations. Before deciding to support a project, Plan International confirms the availability of funding and appraises the project plans and budgets based on the needs assessments. All funding and budget commitments follow Plan International’s standard policies and procedures, and the execution is monitored by the staff of Plan International Hong Kong and our Country Office in the project area. If the project plan is adjusted, Plan International will communicate with the relevant donors and get consent to continue the project when needed. After the project completion, an evaluation is performed to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the project for future improvement. To stay transparent, we will inform our donors and the public about our work progress through different channels.

What does Plan International do to lower the administrative and fundraising cost?

Plan International Hong Kong has formulated internal guidelines and measures to keep our administrative and fundraising costs as low as possible, such as:

• We encourage our donors to donate monthly through Child Sponsorship, Girls Fund and Plan with Children. It can greatly reduce the appeals work needed and keep both administrative and fundraising costs to a minimum.

• We utilise our human resources by inviting professionals from different sectors to be our board directors, who provide professional advice and supervision to Plan International on a voluntary basis. We recruit volunteers with different expertise to provide support in our daily operations and events, such as volunteers helping with the paperwork in our office and photo-taking at our events.

• We always seek free or sponsored space in different media channels to minimise promotional costs.

How does Plan International carry out the audits?

The financial statements of Plan International Hong Kong are audited in accordance with the Hong Kong Standards on Auditing, issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Each year, our external auditor forms an independent opinion on whether the financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of Plan International’s affairs and of its surplus/ deficit of income over expenditure and cash flows, following the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards.

How can I learn more about Plan International Hong Kong's use of funds?

You can learn more about our use of funds in the following ways:

• Our official website – covers our work in various aspects and latest updates
Bi-annual newsletter – includes child issues in developing countries and related work as well as our local child safeguarding work
Annual review – summarise our work and financial report in the previous year
• Sponsor visit – sponsors can visit our projects in the developing countries and witness in person how their support transform the lives of the sponsored children.
• Media coverage and articles – cover child issues in the developing countries and related work as well our local child safeguarding work

Are my donations to Plan International tax-deductible?

Yes. If your total annual donation exceeds HK$100, your contributions to Plan International Hong Kong are tax-deductible as per the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Plan International Hong Kong provides receipts for all donations exceed HK$100. To encourage charitable donations, the HKSAR Government exempts up to 35% of assessable income or profits on donations to recognised charitable organisations, including Plan International Hong Kong.