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With a charitable donation of just HK$8 a day, Child Sponsorship Programme assures that you will be supporting the children and even their family and community in six main areas including education, early childhood development, protection from violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, skills and decent work and young people driving change. The programme also aims to improve their quality of life as a whole so they can move out of poverty and attain self-reliance.

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(*2022 Global Figures)

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  • Reached out 1,200 children in Romania by implementing safe and inclusive education programme, providing Ukrainian refugee children tablets and temporary learning spaces to support integration in local schools.
  • Set up community care centres hosting 3,685 children to support pre-primary education, helping children achieve better learning outcomes in primary school in El Salvador.
  • Served school meals to 450,735 underprivileged children in Mali, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Cambodia.
  • Trained teachers to deliver STEM lessons with a gender transformative approach, and more than 6,000 girls were involved in STEM initiatives in China

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  • Provided support and implemented parenting education to parents, to help them with parenting skills, parental self-care, mutual support and engaging men as nurturing caregivers
  • Implemented emergency nutrition programmes in more than 40 districts affected by conflicts and droughts in Ethiopia, and reached 105,000 under-fives and 55,000 pregnant and lactating women.
  • Trained community development workers to identify young children at risk of developmental delay or disability, make referrals to services, and support caregivers to provide home-based care in the Philippines. Over 800 children were referred to early childhood services
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    • Organised vocational training for 100 children formerly associated with armed groups in Central African Republic. An additional 115 children at risk of recruitment into armed forces and groups were referred to schools to return to education.
    • Established 47 village child protection committees and trained community members to identify and report children at risk in Niger
    • Carried out our advocacy and influencing work to improve legislation and laws against trafficking in Bolivia, to prevent violence against children and women
    • Set up support units for survivors of violence to provide legal help, psychosocial counselling, and reporting, as well as training to medical staff, teachers, and police on child-friendly reporting in India.
    • Equipped girls, boys and adolescents with child protection knowledge, and trained teachers in participatory approaches to working with students on bullying-related topics

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    • Implemented the Break Free programme in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Sudan, and Zambia, through radio shows, youth movement building, education, and mobilisation of community leaders and school councils, to change attitudes and customs that drive early pregnancies and child marriage.
    • Collaborated with the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, to support access to lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents affected by the conflicts, including counselling, care, provision of contraceptives and HIV services via health centres and safe spaces
    • Supported the roll out of a two-year sexuality education curriculum in Bangladesh, and established adolescent clubs to share learning on child rights and health in more than 1,000 schools.
    • Set up mobile clinics and provided counselling on sexual and reproductive health, benefitting 17,500 girls and women in Togo

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    • Promoted gender equality and the green economy and installed solar power infrastructure in Senegal, Mali and Nige. Over 1,300 small renewable energy businesses were created by women
    • Formed 950 savings associations with 28,951 young people including over 17,000 young women in Uganda. Equipped youth with practical skills in saving, investing, loan management, and financial literacy, as well as agriculture.
    • Established digital learning platform “YES!Academy” in Philippines, and equipped almost 2,000 young women with life, employability and entrepreneurship skills.

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    • Implemented “Champions of Change programmes” in more than 40 countries, to prepare young people to challenge discrimination and take collective actions on gender equality
    • Prepared young people to become active drivers of change through participating in girls’ leadership and girls lead projects
    • Worked with youth organisations and NGOs to drive over 60 candidates for local and parliamentary elections to sign manifestos in support of girls’ rights in Senegal
    • Strengthened youth citizenship, promoted youth voices on climate change, and increased their influence on decision-making on issues

    Renaming the Chinese name of Child Sponsorship Programme

    To enhance the public’s understanding of the programme, Plan International Hong Kong is now renaming the Chinese name of the Child Sponsorship Programme, from “助養兒童計劃” to “培幼兒童成長計劃”, while all English names remain unchanged. For details, please click here.

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