Child Centred Community Development

With a charitable donation of just HK$8 a day, Child Sponsorship Programme assures that you will be supporting the children and even their family and community in six main areas including education, early childhood development, protection from violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, skills and decent work and young people driving change. The programme also aims to improve their quality of life as a whole so they can move out of poverty and attain self-reliance.

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(*2020 Global Figures)

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  • Promote quality education for all, regardless of their gender and health conditions, e.g. providing capacity-building for teachers on psychosocial support and how to encourage gender equality through teaching in Uganda
  • Support out-of-school children back into education, e.g. helping to enroll over 5,000 out-of-school adolescent girls in 88 community-based learning hubs in Zimbabwe
  • Improve safety, governance and management practices in schools, e.g. providing trainings on improved school governance for parents, teachers and local leaders in Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan
  • Support education in emergencies in 45 countries, e.g. supporting distance learning via learning kits and radio broadcasts
  • Influence government spending and policies, e.g. assisting ministries of education of 8 sub-Saharan African countries to advance gender equality in education through sector planning and monitoring

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  • Support nurturing care free from gender bias through parenting programmes and highlight the role of father in early childhood development
  • Protect the health of newborn babies, children and mothers by strengthening health systems to provide gender responsive care in Bangladesh and Nigeria and working on maternal, infant and young child nutrition in South Sudan and Benin
  • Improve early learning and stimulation for children by running pre-schools in Cambodia and India and supporting children with disabilities to attend community-based early childhood centres in Mozambique
  • Improve hygiene and sanitation facilities, distribute hygiene kits to families and enhance their awareness on hygiene in 50 countries
  • Influence early childhood policies and practices in the Philippines, Bolivia, Ecuador and Rwanda

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  • Encourage children and young people to learn about their rights and support families to build positive and protective environments, e.g. training girls to learn about the consequences of child marriage and sexual abuse in Benin
  • Strengthen the capacity and quality of protection services for children and improve mechanisms for reporting violence by organising the Cyber Talino Summit in the Philippines on training and awareness-raising about online threats and setting up online counselling and toll-free helplines for children to report abuse in Cambodia and Uganda
  • Work with others to end violence against children and strengthen child protection mechanisms
  • Advance child protection in emergencies in 54 countries, e.g. providing case management services and psychological support for displaced children in Myanmar

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  • Support sexuality education for youths and families, e.g training over 50,000 adolescent girls and young women to become peer educators on safe menstrual health and hygiene in India and providing positive parenting sessions about positive sexuality education in Zimbabwe
  • Strengthen sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents by providing health services and contraceptives for young people in Malawi to prevent early pregnancy
  • Eliminate harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilations by engaging local leaders to help girls to escape child marriages and be integrated back into their families in Uganda
  • Build support for girls and young women most at risk by training youth educators to promote sexual and reproductive health services in communities in Malawi
  • Influence laws, policies and budgets to end child marriage and female genital mutilations and advance girls’ rights

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  • Build skills for vulnerable young people to make a decent living by providing training of basic life skills for youth people and supporting them to challenge gender norms in Nepal, Guatemala and Nicaragua and developing young people’s digital skills (including computer-programming, digital marketing, etc)
  • Create opportunities with private sector businesses by providing skill trainings, job-matching platforms and job opportunities for youths and advancing gender equality at workplace
  • Provide cash assistance to families affected by COVID-19 in Somalia, Kenya, Malawi, etc, and help refugees in several countries to access work opportunities
  • Work with governments, organisations and employers to provide decent work opportunities and support for young people and influence policies on youth employment

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  • Nurture collective action by young people by encouraging over 900,000 young people to engage with media and authorities to champion child rights and gender equality and setting up collaborative clubs in 19 senior schools for training girls as leaders in Laos
  • Support youth voices in media by organising workshops on enhancing girls’ and women’s representation for over 30 media workers from different platforms and supporting young people in the youth reporter project to produce stories about the impact of the pandemic and messages about health and safety
  • Strengthen young people’s roles in humanitarian action and build community resilience, e.g. strengthening their participation in the antiviral work for COVID-19
  • Influence governments to support young people’s civil rights and support them to participate in decision-making processes

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