Child Centered Community Development

With a charitable donation of just HK$8 a day, Child Sponsorship Programme assures that you will be supporting the children and even their family and community in six main areas including education, early childhood development, ending violence, sexual and reproductive health, skills and decent work and young people driving change. The programme also aims to improve their quality of life as a whole so they can move out of poverty and attain self-reliance.

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How does your donation help the children and their community?

(*2018 Global Figures)

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  • Promoting quality education for all, regardless of their backgrounds
  • Providing better access to education for girls and promoting girls’ participation
  • Implementing education in emergencies programmes in 25 countries
  • Providing disaster risk reduction activities for students from 33 countries and improving school buildings and school operations
  • Influencing government spending and policies

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  • Supporting community-managed early learning centres to provide health and education programmes for children to prevent malnutrition and dropping out
  • Working with parents to promote nurturing care for girls and boys, free from gender-bias
  • Providing educational activities for children aged 0-5 and their mothers to improve their physical and emotional development, equipping them for future learning
  • Influencing early childhood policies and practice by working with the government and organisations in Myanmar, El Salvador, Pakistan, Guinea Bissau, etc

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  • Strengthening child protection by working to end trafficking in Nepal, supporting children to escape from child labour in Tanzania and help them integrate into school and eliminating cyber bullying in Honduras, etc
  • Tackling gender-based violence to ensure girls are able to live and grow up in a safe environment
  • Advancing child protection in emergencies by establishing child-friendly spaces

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  • Eliminating harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). For example, a mobile app which allows marriage registrars to check the true age of a bride was launched to prevent child marriage
  • Reducing unintended adolescent pregnancies which bring lasting harm to girls
  • Promoting sexual and reproductive health services, information and education for adolescent girls

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  • Supporting vulnerable young people to make a decent living by providing vocational trainings to them, including teen mothers in Rwanda
  • Supporting young people to increase financial literacy, build savings and access loans for entrepreneurial opportunities through savings groups
  • Promoting gender equality in the work place and encouraging companies to recruit young women

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  • Creating spaces for young people in public decision-making processes and supporting them to advocate for change
  • Nurturing girls’ rights movements
  • Strengthening young people’s roles in humanitarian action and building community resilience, like encouraging youths to implement disaster risk reduction projects in Sierra Leone and Bolivia

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