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With a charitable donation of just HK$8 a day, Child Sponsorship Programme assures that you will be supporting the children and even their family and community in six main areas including education, early childhood development, protection from violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, skills and decent work and young people driving change. The programme also aims to improve their quality of life as a whole so they can move out of poverty and attain self-reliance.

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(*2021 Global Figures)

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  • Distributed learning kits to more than 68,000 girls and boys enrolled in primary and secondary schools in India and Mozambique
  • Supported digital learning in China, Nepal and El Salvador through digital school library management system, audio visual tools, and learning application, to improve school participation and retention under the pandemic
  • Helped out-of-school children and youth through accelerated education programme (AEP) in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, and Central African Republic. Over 6,000 graduated from the programme were able to transit to mainstream schools successfully. 433 happy classroom kits were delivered to schools, out-of-school children and those at risk of dropping out in Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi communities
  • Construction and rehabilitation of school infrastructure had continued across Guinea, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Tanzania, equipped over 100 schools with water, sanitation facilities and facilities for menstrual hygiene management

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  • Implemented comprehensive early childhood programme in 48 countries including Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Laos, Nepal Togo, Uganda, and Vietnam, to ensure children are given proper treatment in health, nutrition, early learning, child protection and hygiene
  • Provided support and implemented parenting education to parents and caregivers in Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Jordan and Mali to help them with parenting practices, parental self-care, mutual support and social cohesion
  • Supported the implementation of the Child DREAM Project in Nepal, reached over 12,200 pregnant women and parents/caregivers of children under three-year-old in 64 communities with around 4,627 Parenting Education sessions
  • Implemented intervention work on maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition in 16 countries to strengthen knowledge and skills for health promotion and disease prevention
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    • Offered trainings and sessions on positive parenting for parents and caregivers in Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Egypt to build positive and protective environments
    • Equipped girls, boys and adolescents with child protection knowledge, skills and confidence to contribute to their own protection against violence
    • Conducted Online safety training conducted in the Philippines, Egypt, and Dominican Republic, to lower the risk of cyber gender-based violence
    • Carried out advocacy and influencing work to improve legislation and laws against trafficking and child sexual exploitation in the Philippines and Bolivia, to prevent violence against children and women

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    • Collaborated with Ministries of Education and other government bodies in Togo, Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh, Peru, El Salvador to strengthen the provision of comprehensive sexuality education in schools, deliver training to teachers, assess and revise curriculum
    • Enabled young people to access health facilities and services, helped 1,856 women in Togo to adopt a modern contraceptive method. Distributed 10,000 contraceptive kits to young people in Ecuador, Honduras and Kenya
    • Implemented the Integrated Child Protection Scheme in India, Thailand, Malawi, Kenya and Ethiopia to improve mechanism for monitoring and reporting violence towards children

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    • Conducted green skills and entrepreneurship projects in Malawi, a total of 122,157 women and 94,656 men were reached to enhance their agricultural skills to cope with climate change
    • Worked with local government to promote gender and green economy. Launched renewable energies project and installed solar power infrastructure in Senegal, Mali, to ensure women can earn a living by entering the industry
    • Provided disaster risk reduction and management training for 120 children and youth in Indonesia and the Philippines, to enhance their awareness and preparedness for natural disasters
    • Continued long-term partnerships with business sectors, to equip young people with market driven skills to promote youth employment
    • Built the technical and entrepreneurial capacity of 2,426 young people in Niger. Supported over 900 young people in Zimbabwe running enterprises in phone repair, hairdressing, catering, agricultural activities, and photography

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    • Partnered with autonomous youth organisations, to advocate more and better resources for girl and youth movements
    • Prepared young people to become active drivers of change through participating girls’ leadership and girl lead project
    • Coordinated meeting among representatives of Ministry of Women’s Affairs, to enable young people to update and discuss about the girls’ rights situation under COVID19
    • Invited 100 young people and girls in Sudan to attend The Third Annual Girl’s Conference on Preventing and Responding to Child Marriage to strengthen their civil rights and support them to participate in decision-making process

    Renaming the Chinese name of Child Sponsorship Programme

    To enhance the public’s understanding of the programme, Plan International Hong Kong is now renaming the Chinese name of the Child Sponsorship Programme, from “助養兒童計劃” to “培幼兒童成長計劃”, while all English names remain unchanged. For details, please click here.

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