Embark on the Journey of Self-Discovery Girls Takeover is a Valuable Chance for You

As I scrolled through Instagram, an outstanding advertisement from Plan International Hong Kong caught my eye. The keywords “Girls Takeover”, “Kimberly-Clark”, “General Manger” and “Positive Impacts” rang a bell in my heart and at that moment I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Being a young woman and a university student myself, I am always fascinated by the word “women empowerment” as I want to shine on my own term and live to the fullest. This year’s Girls Takeover’s theme is especially attractive as it tackles the issues of “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming” which are both personal and meaningful to me. Long story short, after weeks of interviews, I became the candidate of Girls Takeover 2023 and had the precious opportunity to “take over” the position of Ms Stella Chun, the General Manager of Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong for a day on the International Day of Girl Child (11 October).

For the coming several months of preparation, although there were times when I was doubtful about myself, with the encouragement from Ms Stella Chun and Dr. Siu, the Chief Executive Officer of Plan International Hong Kong, I firmly believed that I have the ability to voice out to shape a better future. My energetic demeanor and facilitation skills were also praised by Ms Stella Chun as I was able to engage the staff of Kimberly-Clark in brainstorming session and inspire them with innovative ideas for the brand. This was truly an empowering moment for me.

This program empowered me to discover that I can find my unique stage. In a world that sometimes tries to silence individuality, this program encouraged me to embrace and amplify my authentic self.

Diverse Opportunities to Display Talents Provide You with Great Sense of Satisfaction and Success

During that time, I have contributed content for Kotex’s booklet which aims to educate local primary school students about the critical issues of “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming”. The booklet takes the students on a global journey and illustrates how these challenges manifest worldwide. It is empowering to see these future leaders are well-equipped with knowledge and empathy.
With the booklet’s content enhanced, I am grateful for the privilege of designing and conducting an educational program for over a hundred students in a primary school. Through drama and game-based learning, I introduced the complexities of “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming” that was framed within the narrative of a girl from Nepal. The experience was deeply rewarding as I saw these young minds grasp and engage with such important societal issues.

The students were eager to learn more about the issues and wrote encouraging messages to young girls from developing countries.

On the International Day of Girl Child, I am thrilled to conduct a workshop on the critical topics of “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming” for Kotex staff. To me, a successful workshop would be one that not only informs but also stimulates the hearts and minds of the participants. During my presentation, I realised the importance of guiding the staff to delve into the intricate issues of “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming” while stimulating their empathy. I encouraged them to recall their own experiences and stories, creating an environment that fostered open-minded discussions. The authenticity and genuineness I felt from all the staff members were palpable and the positive vibe that permeated our interactions made this program a truly remarkable experience. After this workshop, I learnt that a facilitator might not be the smartest person in the room but who knows how to guide the flow of great ideas and consolidate these ideas over time.

During the brain-storming session, Kotex’s staff were all active and supportive. I hope that my research could inspire them for the brand’s future direction.

Challenge Oneself to Real-World Problems Boost Personal Growth and Confidence

If you ask me whether I would encourage other young girls to participate in Girls Takeover. My answer will definitely be a firm “Yes”.

Dr. Siu, the Chief Executive Officer of Plan International Hong Kong (Right) and Ms Stella Chun, the General Manager of Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong (Left) supported me through the campaign and I am grateful to be part of Girls Takeover 2023.

Not only did I go through an empowering journey, but I also had the chance to tackle real-world problems, “Period Poverty” and “Period Shaming”. In fact, these are actually “real-world” problems as they happen both in developing countries and developed countries. As a girl myself, I am proud to have the chance to voice out and utilise the knowledge and skills I have to change the world!

I am truly grateful for the opportunities given to me by Kimberly-Clark, through taking over as General Manager, hosting school workshop and brainstorming session. My special thanks to Plan International Hong Kong for constructive feedback and unwavering encouragement which polished my presentation skills.

Participating in Girls Takeover is truly a transformative experience, a newfound sense of confidence and purpose has been instilled in me. If you also want to take on real-world challenges while experiencing continuous learning, personal growth, and ultimately achieving success. Don’t miss the chance, join next year’s Girl Takeover campaign for a life-changing adventure.