Supporter Gathering 2022 – Showing Your Continued Love and Care for Children’s Future

The Supporter Gathering has ended successfully. Over a hundred participants, including our volunteer ambassador, ex-beneficiaries and supporters attended the event.

It has been three years since the last gathering between Plan International Hong Kong, supporters and donors in the 10th Anniversary Gathering. On 27 Nov, the Supporter Gathering 2022 was successfully held in success with the participation of Dr. Kanie Siu, Chief Executive Officer, Plan International Hong Kong, Lisa Cheng, our volunteer ambassador, ex-beneficiaries including Dolly and her daughter, donors and supporters. Over a hundred participants took this valuable opportunity to share their journey with Plan International for the past three years, spending a wonderful and meaningful afternoon together.

Our volunteer ambassador Lisa, ex-beneficiary Dolly and her daughter shared the changes to their lives brought by the Child Sponsorship Programme. 

The Child Sponsorship Programme has always been an important part of Plan International’s work. Through the child-centered community development approach, we aim to make lasting improvements to the quality of life of children and their families, so they can move out of poverty and attain self-reliance. Our volunteer ambassador Lisa has supported us for over 10 years. In the gathering, she shared the changes in her sponsored children’s lives and learnings with our ex-beneficiary Dolly and her daughter, Kathy under the Child Sponsorship Programme. They also shared the importance of cultivating their next generation to be child sponsors to pass the love along. It is a touching experience to see many lives and futures transformed because of the generous donation and support.

Dr. Kanie Siu, Chief Executive Officer of Plan Hong Kong shared the major achievements in 2022 and future development.

Dr. Siu made use of the opportunity to give the audience a report on Plan International Hong Kong’s achievement in 2022 and explained how Plan Hong Kong utilised resources to improve the children’s livelihoods in developing countries. Apart from the challenges brought by climate change and national conflicts, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed tremendous threats to the global community and children are the most vulnerable. The prevalence of hunger crisis, dropping-out and child marriage are becoming more prominent. Thanks to the trust of supporters, corporate partners and the public, we could make the best use of the donation to provide timely and relevant help to children, especially girls in developing countries.

Regarding local programmes, as we saw an increase in child abuse cases in Hong Kong, Plan Hong Kong is working even harder to safeguard children’s rights. In the coming year, we will continue widening our scope of advocacy and assisting sports and education institutions to establish the Child Safeguarding Policy to stop children from getting abused and create a safe nurturing environment for them to grow up.

Children learnt how to protect themselves through storybooks, having a fun and meaningful afternoon.

They prepared handicrafts for children in developing countries with blessings and love.

The participating children also learnt a lot about body boundaries and self-protection through storybooks and board games. They also spent the meaningful afternoon by becoming volunteers and preparing handicrafts for children in developing countries with lots of love and blessings.

To show appreciation and gratitude for their continuous support, Dr. Siu presented certificates to our volunteer ambassador, Women Elites, major donors, loyal donors and ex-beneficiaries. Their support has become the solid foundation of Plan International Hong Kong’s works so that we are able to drive changes in promoting children’s rights on a local and global scale.

Dr. Siu showed appreciation to supporters through the award presentation.

Thanks once again for all the long-term support from our donors and supporters, allowing Plan Hong Kong to advance children’s rights and equality for girls and create a just world.