Girls Face Multiple Threats in Rwandan Refugee Camp

Rwanda, a mountainous country in Africa, is haunted by its genocidal past. The country is also home to over 170,000 refugees. Kanie Siu, CEO of Plan International Hong Kong visited Rwanda earlier on to meet with some vulnerable refugee girls and a poverty-stricken child-headed family.

RUN for Girls’ Rights

Join Us and Help Girls Run Towards a Better Future!   As a result of existing gender inequality and discrimination, girls living in conflict- affected countries and refugee camps are one of the groups most at risk. Every day, more than 500 women and adolescent girls die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in emergencies...
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Plan International Hong Kong Youth eNews (November 2018)

Education News Plan International Hong Kong ‘Be a Change-maker 2019’ Activity Highlights – Training Workshops The first two workshops of ‘Be a Change-maker 2019’ were held on 3rd and 4th November. Through interactive games and activities, participants learnt about issues faced by children in Hong Kong and around the world. The ‘change-makers-to-be’ also developed communication...
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