Work in Developing Countries

An innocent face and a carefree childhood are what every child deserves. However, many children in developing countries are deprived of their basic rights, proper education and play time. Instead, many of them are under the plights of malnutrition, out-of-school, child labour and early marriage. Join “Plan with Children” to make difference to children’s lives together.

With Just HK$2 A Day  Give Every Child The Right To Be Happy

With a charitable donation of just HK$2 a day, “Plan with Children” assures that you will be supporting the children and even their family and community in six main areas including education, early childhood developmentprotection from violencesexual and reproductive healthskills and decent work and young people driving change, as well as emergency relief project. The programme also aims to improve their quality of life as a whole so they can receive proper education, enjoy play time, as well as planning for their future.

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Programme Highlights:

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Unlock opportunity for our children through education

In Cambodia, nearly 14% of the population lives in poverty, and 90% of them live in rural areas. Many Cambodians have been lured to work in Thailand illegal fishing industry and the children following their parents may end up working as child labour and droping out of school.

• Set up learning centres to provide language support and life skills training so that the children can adapt to their new school lives in Thai public primary schools.

Early Childhood Development

Ensure children to receive proper nutrition for healthy growth and development

In Rakhine State, the western part of Myanmar, a total of 50% of children are stunted, 38% are underweight and 11% are malnourished and only 1% of all children in the state receive adequate nutrition. Malnutrition causes retarded development and insufficient cognitive development in children, and the effects are irreversible.

  • Provide breastfeeding knowledge to local women, teach pregnant women healthy eating habits and cooking methods.
Ending Violence

Help conflict-stricken children gain a new lease of life

In Burkina Faso, West Africa, has been troubled by terrorists who burn, kill and rob from community to community. Many people have no choice but flee from their homes and hence children are deprived of education.

  • Set up temporary learning schools for the migrant children to resume their education and start new lives.
Sexual and Reproductive Health

Protect children from sexual violence

An estimated 100,000 Filipino children are forced or lured to perform sex shows for predators overseas.

• Provide rehabilitation services and training for child experienced exploitation and establish community-based child protection mechanisms with government bodies and community groups.

Skills and Decent Work

Improve livelihood for impoverished farmers

Agriculture technology and industrial automation are not well developed in Cambodia. Children are forced to drop out of school or have no access to education because they have to do housework, take care of the younger siblings or help their parents with work to support their family financially.

• Provide Cambodian farming households with farming materials and training.

Young People Driving Change

Enable young people to drive change

Climate change will be more significant in the future, and the impact on the next generation will be huge. Young people are important stakeholders in the battle against climate change.

  • Support children and young people to advocate changes by providing training on disaster risk reduction and leadership skills.
Emergency Relief

Support Vulnerable Groups during Emergencies

The cumulative effects of extreme weather resulting in a food insecurity crisis for most countries in Southern Africa. Over 15.3 million people in 11 countries are under the critical situation of severely food insecurity. Families are increasingly unable to afford to buy food, send children to school or access healthcare.

  • Implement School Feeding programme and set up Child-friendly Space to children in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia, with the aim of letting children learn and play in a safe environment and meeting their psychological needs.
With a donation of HK$2  each day,
you can bring life-changing impact to underprivileged children in developing countries,
help them regain the opportunity to learn, to play, to plan for their futures and live their lives to the fullest.