Since returning to Hong Kong, Plan has kicked off a campaign called “Where are They Now?”, looking for the 12,000 children helped by Plan back to 1950s and 1960s. We have already contacted with more than 400 ex-beneficiaries

Plan has organised many gatherings for the ex-beneficiaries. They shared their personal experiences and it was very touching. A group of passionate ex-beneficiaries has established the “Friends of Plan”. They are giving back by arranging volunteer works and organising re-union gatherings.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (852) 3405 5305 if you or your family/friends were ex-beneficiaries of Plan. We have regular gatherings and would love to hear more touching stories.

Ex-Plan Child - Ms Cheung Mo Har

Learning “Knowledge Changes Fate” from My Sponsor. My foster parents (sponsors) were sixty American marines who worked in a battleship. ..

Ex-Plan Child - Mr. Vincent Ng

Vincent, a former Plan sponsored child who was helped by the organisation in the 1960s, had never thought he would fulfill his dream of paying a visit to Canada to meet his Foster Parents…

Ex-Plan Child - Ms. Yu Chui Wah, Dolly

Through Plan International, I became the sponsored child of Mr. B. D. Baily of Canada. With his monthly donation of $45, I was able to continue my schooling…

Ex-Plan Child - Mr. Tom Chan

50 years ago, I was fortunate to be a sponsored child in Plan International and completed my studies in primary school…

Ex-Plan Child - Mr. Edward Cheung

How much does HK$45 mean to you? Today it could probably just buy you a lunch. But that was 1/3 of my family income in 1960s…