Be a change-maker 2020: Important Note

1. 16 shortlisted participants will be selected by Plan International Hong Kong (hereafter as ‘Plan International’) based on the information provided by applicants. Applicants may be invited to attend the interview session on 2nd November 2019 (Saturday). Plan International reserves the right to cancel the programme if application is insufficient.

2. Applicants should return the completed application form, together with i) photocopy of applicant’s HKID card, ii) photocopy of applicant’s travel document (personal information page), and iii) copy of academic year 2019-20 school calendar to Plan International Hong Kong via email or post. Except in special circumstances, an application will not be accepted if the information in the application form is incorrect, incomplete or insufficient, or the applicant does not meet the eligible requirements.

3. The fee covers the costs of local workshops, flights, overseas transportation, food, accommodation, and travel insurance of the exposure trip, but does not cover the costs of immunization and visa application. If a shortlisted participant withdraws from the programme, all fee paid will not be refunded.

4. Participants should participate in all pre-trip and post-trip activities.

5. Applicants under the age of 18 should also complete the parent/ guardian consent form.

6. All submitted applications are non-transferable.

7. Participants should abide by Plan International’s Child Safeguarding guidelines and policy, and should follow the instructions as given from all event working personnel throughout the duration of the events.

8. Plan International reserves the right to disqualify any participants who violate the regulations or have any misbehaviour, and to discontinue their participation in the event immediately.

9. Participants should be responsible for their own safety during the events and bear the rise of damagewhich might be caused by accident or else. Plan International is not liable for any harm caused to the participants during the activities.

10. Participants should take care of their personal belongings during the events. The organiser is not liable for any claims concerning missed or damaged personal possessions.

11. Plan International might take photos, videos or sound footages during events. Plan International shall ownthe sole rights on any photos, videos, footages or any other materials produced during the events. Participants have been informed that these photos, videos, footage or any other materials may be used by Plan International and/or its licensees in any media worldwide legally and reasonably in accordance with their principles, such as for promotional purposes. Any photos, videos, footage or information obtained during the events cannot be used for commercial use, or sharing with third parties for publication without the explicit consent of Plan International Hong Kong.

12. Terms and conditions of the programme and other arrangements are subject to changes at Plan International’s discretion, without prior notice to the participants. Plan International Hong Kong reserves the right to cancel the events without assigning a reason. Participants shall keep a close eye on Plan International Hong Kong’s website, and keep themselves updated about any information or changes related to the programme.

13. If any of the above terms are unclear or ambiguous, Plan International Hong Kong reserves the right to interpret and amend the regulations and details of the programme.