Since 2018, Plan International Hong Kong has organized “Because I am a Girl ─ Be a Change-maker” to nurture young people as change-makers with a global perspective and the ability to take action. With experiential activities, training workshops, overseas exposure trip, and community seed project, participants will take the first step towards becoming global citizens through an interactive process of ‘Learn, Lead, Decide and Thrive’.

Programme component:

1. Training Workshops

Through interactive workshops and activities, participants will be introduced to basic concepts and issues of child rights and child protection, as well as the situation of local children and children living in developing countries. Participants of the exposure trip will be required to attend pre-trip gathering and parents briefing to prepare for the overseas visit.

2. Exposure Trip

With the support from Plan International offices around the world, ‘Be a Change-maker’ brings its participants to an exposure trip in one of our programme countries every year. Participants will visit child protection and youth programmes supported by Plan International, as well as interact with local youth to be inspired by the youth ‘change-makers’ who strive to create positive changes in their community.

3. Planning and Implementing Seed Projects

Upon returning to Hong Kong, participants will learn to design community seed projects and write seed project proposals. To develop an action plan in response to the needs of local communities which they care about. After reviewing the proposals, Plan International will provide seed project funding for participants to carry out their plans.

4. Graduation and Sharing Session

After months of hard work, participants will officially become a ‘change-maker’ at graduation! Participants will also share the results of their seed projects, as well as the experience of joining ‘Be a Change-maker’ with their families and friends.