A brand new school for Cambodian children

In a primary school in Ratanakiri, Cambodia, 280 students had to share 5 small classrooms due to limited space and resources. The school operated in two shifts as there are too many students.

To enable children to study in a more comfortable environment, Plan International Hong Kong decided to help expand the campus and appealed for donations via different channels, including Gifts of Hope. Thanks to donors’ support, we were able to construct a new school building with three classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with basic classroom facilities. 155 primary 4 to 6 students have already moved to the new building.

With the support from donors, we are able to build a school building with three classrooms for Cambodian children.

Each classroom is equipped with basic facilities like tables, chairs and a white board.

We also distributed learning supplies like school bags, uniform and stationery to over 100 students to encourage them to continue their education.

Students were given learning supplies like school bags, uniform and stationery.

Andy, aged 13 years old, is a grade 5 student. “It’s great that we can learn in a new classroom. I will study hard and become a policeman, just like my father.”

Students no longer have to study in an over-crowded classroom.