New Year in Cambodia

The beginning of the New Year has been celebrated across the world. Apart from the New Year’s Day of the Gregorian calendar, some regions continue to celebrate their traditional New Year Day(s) according to their customs calendar. In Cambodia, New Year Festival, Ancestor’s Day and Water Festival are the three most important festivals. The 3 days New Year Festival falls in mid-April in Gregorian calendar.

During the 3 days festival, Buddhist flags and white crocodile flags are hung at the local temples. People visit temples and participate in the traditional customs, for example spreading water and talcum powder. People believe these practices help wash away the bad luck from last year, to have a fresh start of the New Year with clean state.

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Suggested topics on Festivals:
1. Try to ask sponsored child the date of New Year Festival in his/her country and the corresponding traditional practices
2. Share the New Year’s traditions with your sponsored child