Resource And Training

Plan International Hong Kong has been training adult facilitators for the “Voices of Children” pilot project. We also provide relevant training and learning resources for children and social welfare organisations interested in promoting children’s participation.

We have published a training manual entitled “Children’s Voice: A Pilot Project on Children’s Participation in Community Development” after the first phase of “Children’s Voice” (2018-2019) in collaboration with our partner, the Alliance for the Rights of the Child and Development.

Training Manual on Child Participatory Community Development

Using our global training manual ‘Bamboo Shoots’ as the blueprint for our Child Participatory Community Development Project, we have benchmarked our experience in facilitating community child participation in other Asian countries to develop the localised “Voices of the Children” programme model in Hong Kong.

We hope the training manual, encompassing the details of our training workshops for both adult facilitators and participating children, will serve as a reference for other child-related professionals to promote child participation in communities and engage other passionate adult facilitators to help realise children’s participation right together.


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