Psychosocial support for children in adversities

The recent social event and the Covid-19 pandemic have had different levels of impact on adults’ and children’s psychosocial well-being.

Plan International Hong Kong is actively propelling the child safeguarding work in Hong Kong and is concerned with the assistance to local children and families who encounter problems amidst challenges and changes in life. We have produced a set of ‘Psychosocial Support Toolkits’ for parents, teachers and children, including magnets for parent-child communication on children’s emotions, parenting tips under adverse situations and a hotline card. Through the toolkits, we aim to provide training and support services for parents and teachers to give better child care amidst social crises so that our children can grow up happily in all-round protection.

‘The Psychosocial Support Toolkits’ target at parents with children aged 3-8 years old and teachers in kindergartens and primary schools. Limited stock is still available for schools and organisations. Enquiries to obtain the toolkits are welcomed.

Psychosocial support kits (Chinese version only)

Psychosocial Support Toolkit for Parents 


Psychosocial Support Toolkit for Teachers


Community Emotional Support Hotlines


Magnets for Parent-child Communication on Children’s Emotion

If you would like to obtain the parent-child communication kit for free, please contact Ms. Chiu, our Programme Officer.

Tel: 3405 5370
Email: [email protected].

Please check out our training workshops here. (Chinese version only)