【Emergency】Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Appeal Many Children Were Killed and Injured Survivors Need Your Urgent Help

The 5.6-magnitude quake has destroyed the Cianjur region in West Java of Indonesia. Starting from Monday (21 November), the earthquake has caused over 260 deaths, 1,000 injured, over 150 people missing, more than 22,000 homes were destroyed and near 60,000 people have been displaced.  Lacking water and food, the affected children and their families are in dire situations and they need us to lend an immediate helping hand.

Children and women are always the most vulnerable groups and they are easily to be neglected when natural disaster happens. Unfortunately, Cianjur region, where the epicentre was located, is a remote area in Indonesia. The earthquake occurred at 1pm local time on 21 November when most of the children living in this area were still at school. Meanwhile, most women, elderly and disabled people were staying at home as well. This sudden disaster made it hard for them to escape. Consequently, a large number of children and women were killed or injured.

Dr. Kanie Siu, Chief Executive Officer of Plan International Hong Kong, expressed her deepest condolences to those affected by the earthquake in Cianjur, especially those who have lost their beloved children. As an organisation that focuses on ensuring children’s rights and equality for girls, Plan International is acting quickly to provide timely and appropriate assistance to the affected children and their families.

Our colleagues in the Indonesia office went to the affected area right after the quake to conduct a rapid assessment and identify the impact of the disaster and the specific needs of the affected. We will provide clean water, food and personal hygiene materials to meet the basic needs of the affected and plan to provide support to children who have lost their caregivers with psychosocial services, establish child-friendly temporary shelters, and provide temporary learning facilities for children so they can continue to study. We hope the children and their families will get out of the haze and restore their normal life soon.

It is no doubt that every second counts in the disaster relief work which admits no delay. Therefore, your timely support in this essential moment is especially important. Please lend an immediate helping hand to help children escape from danger and save more lives:

  • Donate HK$1,000: Providing safe water to 50 families for drinking and maintaining personal hygiene for 3 months.
  • Donate HK$3,000: Providing hygiene kits (including towels, shampoos, soaps, sanitary pads, toothbrushes and toothpastes, etc.) for 18 boys and 18 girls.
  • Donate HK$4,000: Providing 5 recreational kits (including T-shirts, musical instruments, badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and story books, etc.) so that children can relieve their emotions after the disaster.
  • Donate HK$5,000: Providing food to 8 families for 1 month.

Moreover, Plan International is also highly concerned about the post-disaster reconstruction in West Java.  We are urging the government and all relevant parties to strengthen disaster preparedness programmes in schools and communities, especially in areas identified as disaster-prone, such as Cianjur. It is also vital to ensure that schools and community buildings in areas vulnerable to disasters are resistant to earthquakes, floods, and other hazards.

We sincerely hope that you can join us immediately to help children and families in West Java to overcome the dire situations!


Other Donation Methods
  1. Bank Transfer*: Please make a direct deposit into HSBC account #640-068318-838
  1. Crossed Cheque*: Please make a cheque payable to “Plan International Hong Kong Limited”
  1. Cash Donation via Circle K or VanGO*
    Please visit any Circle K or VanGO in Hong Kong and present the barcode to make a cash donation*. (Each transaction cannot exceed HK$5,000.)

  1. PayMe Donation
    Please scan the QR code below to donate and enter your information (English name, telephone number and email address) and state “Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Appeal” in PayMe message box.

*Please send the original bank receipt/ crossed cheque/ Circle K or VanGO original receipt/ a screenshot of the mobile donation transaction details together with your name, telephone number and email address to Plan International Hong Kong by mail or email. Please mark “Indonesia Earthquake Emergency Appeal”. (Email: [email protected]  Address: 21/F, 9 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong)