Cindy Au, Leila Kong and their families fully support “Walk for Children” 2014

Renowned artists Cindy Au and Leila Kong and their families will support the “Walk for Children” 2014, to be held on 27th April 2014 in West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, and they call on the public to pass on the love to the next generation.

Their decision to participate as families has been informed by their direct experience, as Plan Ambassadors, of the conditions endured by local children in Chunhua County in Shaanxi Province, China whom they visited together. Leila has also visited local children in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. As mothers, both felt particularly sympathetic to the children living under such appalling circumstances and have ever since worked closely with Plan in calling for action. Their hope is to harness the power of the masses to help re-write the destiny of many mainland Chinese pupils.

For the event this year, Plan has specially designed experiential zones in which participants will be able to raise awareness of and experience something of the challenges and difficulties that underprivileged children in undeveloped areas have to face daily, for instance, walking on rough and rocky roads with bare feet and studying in a dark environment. 

   Cindy Au and her family support Walk for Children 2014

Cindy said, “While parents in Hong Kong continuously discuss how to make their children improve at school, there are other children that struggle simply for survival. The children in Hong Kong cannot see or feel the plight of others, nor can they realize how lucky they are. Other than helping these little children in distant areas, I also hope to pass on my vision, knowledge and feelings to my son and daughter, so that they inherit the spirit of understanding and helping others.Therefore, my family and I will join the Walk this year!”

Funds raised will directly support education programmes in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China. This project will increase the quality and accessibility to early childhood education services for pre-school children, and will include school block construction, equipment upgrades and teacher training.

Donations last year built and equipped three pre-school classrooms and provided teacher training for the organisation’s pre-school education programmes in Yunnan, China, benefitting 300 children in total. The opportunity to alter for the better the plight of children in other similar regions is given further perspective through Leila’s eyes.

She revealed that ever since she returned from Vietnam and saw her happy little son at home, her heart has been filled with sorrow. She recalled that during the trip, she visited a family of nine who had lost their father long ago. All eight children were raised solely by the mother and their lives were obviously extremely difficult as they lacked even the most basic food.

Leila said, “Knowledge is at our fingertips but for those who live in poverty in faraway regions, it is the most precious treasure of all – even more valuable than gold and diamonds as it is the key to happiness. It is only when they receive quality education and knowledge, that they can rescue themselves and their families from the never-ending struggle. My son and I will fully support ‘Walk for Children’ 2014 and I sincerely hope that you will too!”

“Walk for Children” 2014 is now open for enrolment and the deadline is 27th March 2014. Participants may enjoy this special day with family and friends. Please call 3583 3100 for enrolment and enquiries or visit our event website for online registration.


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