Every Brick You Donated Helps Build Children’s Dream

For children in developing countries, education is especially important as it is the only way to change their fate. School is not only a place to learn new knowledge, but also a platform for children to communicate with peers which is essential to development of their mental health. With the support of our donors, Plan International constructed a pre-school in Ngam Lam village of Vietnam so that children can study in a better environment with well-equipped facilities.

The old campus was very dilapidated so parents did not want to send their children to school.

Children are now studying in the new campus of the pre-school in Ngam Lam with a better and safer learning environment.

There are three classrooms in the new campus so that children are able to study even in bad weather conditions. The campus is equipped with toilets for girls and boys, as well as kitchen to assure children can remain hygienic and be well taken care of. A cover playground with rides is built in outdoor area of the campus so that children can play with classmates during break time. For safety reason, fences are built all around the school to protect them from leaving the campus area accidentally.

The campus is equipped with toilets for girls and boys to ensure children maintain hygiene.

The new classrooms are spacious and safe so children can keep studying in school even in bad weather conditions.

Fences are built around the covered playground for protection purpose.

Villagers in Ngam Lam showed great support to the project because they knew that it is beneficial to the development of their children. Thus, they not only offered helping hand to level the construction site and repair road outside the campus, some villagers living near the school even contributed their adjacent land to enlarge the school area from about 150m2 to 450m2. With the kind support from the villagers, the campus was built in greater size with  more facilities.

Some local villagers helped repair the road outside the campus so that children can go to school safely.

Huan and her husband Chuong have a son and a daughter, who are 5-year-old Lap and 2-year-old Ngan. As there was no kitchen in the old campus, children were not able to have lunch in school. Huan had to pick up her kids to go home for lunch at noon and then take them back to school. Thus, it took Huan a total of one and a half hour to travel back and forth between home and school every day. It not only reduced her working hours, but also increased the risk of encountering accidents, especially in bad weather conditions.

Now, Lap and Ngan are able to study in a safe and well-equipped campus. It is a relief to Huan and Chuong as there is no more concern for them to send their children to school and they can put more time and efforts on making money. “We were worried about the safety of our kids before  because the school campus they were building was too old. There was even water leaking through the roof in rainy weather. If the school was not rebuilt, we would not send Ngan to school until she turns 3-year-old. We are happy about the new campus as Lap and Ngan can now continue their study and play with friends while my wife and I can have more time to work” said Chuong.

Chuong is comfortable to send his kids to school now and he can focus on making money.

The principal of the pre-school also shares the joy and excitement for the completion of the new campus. She was once worried because the school construction progress was affected by COVID-19 and continuous rain. Luckily all difficulties were overcome with the help from different parties. “The pre-school in Ngam Lam is the most beautiful campus among others in the district. We believe that parents will be happy to send their children to this school. I would like to thank the donors and Plan International for their selflessness help.”

The principal of the pre-school thanks the donors and Plan International for their contribution to improving the education in Ngam Lam Village.