Searching for foster parents for half a century

Vincent, a former Plan sponsored child who was helped by the organisation in the 1960s, had never thought he would fulfill his dream of paying a visit to Canada to meet his foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, who sponsored him decades ago. However, his dream finally came true after 50 years!

Vincent told us his story: “I was standing in front of my wooden home when I was five, and some staff from Plan took a picture of me. When the Thompson’s saw the picture, they decided to start offering me a sponsorship, which lasted for 12 years. When I finished my primary school education in 1967,I thought I would quit studying and work as an apprentice. But, with continued sponsorships from Plan and the Thompson’s, I was able to continue my studies and finish my 5-year secondary education. My path became completely different as a result. They helped our family to get through the hard times and made me realise the true meaning of helping others.”



This real-life version of Daddy Long-Legs changed little Vincent’s life. His trip to Canada was filmed by the Canadian broadcaster CBC, and is filled with touching moments. Now having a family of his own, Vincent has never forgotten how the couple helped him over the years. We hope you too will join us in extending this love and care to others in need.

Ex-Beneficiary -Mr. Vincent Ng

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