Floods in Myanmar and Pakistan Affect Over 1.8 Million People

Floods in Myanmar and Pakistan are still severe and have claimed more than 100 lives.  Floods have overwhelmed many areas, damaged houses and facilities, and affected more than one million people. The affected are at great risk as continuous heavy rains are exacerbating their vulnerability.

In Myanmar, electricity and phone lines are out in many flooded areas and the transportation is also badly affected. The Myanmar government has declared four regions as disaster zones. Nearly one million people have been affected across the country, including 200,000 children.  Approximately 4,751 houses, 37 schools, 31 bridges have been destroyed in Rakhine state alone.

Floods in Myanmar are still severe and the government has declared four regions as disaster zones

Plan International Pakistan’s assessments in areas severely affected by nationwide flooding have found that 50-60% of the affected population is at high risk, as they are residing in spontaneous emergency camps without shelter. One of our top priorities is building emergency child friendly spaces which provide safe and secure environment for children displaced by this emergency.

Flooding has displaced thousands of Pakistan people

Children use makeshift raft to cross floodwaters in Pakistan

Plan International has begun relief efforts in the two countries, including evacuating victims, distributing food packages and water kits, setting up shelters and so on. Our field staff will be working tirelessly to ensure children’s safety and help them return to normal lives as soon as possible. In Minbya Township, Myanmar, Plan International has started providinged clean drinking water, hygiene kits, aqua tabs and tarpaulins to almost 17,500 people. 100% of local drinking water ponds have been contaminated and communities are now heavily reliant on humanitarian organisations to supply them with clean drinking water and filtration systems.Plan International Myanmar is coordinating the distribution of hygiene kits and aqua tabs that will help to prevent the spread of diseases in 22 villages.

Plan International’s staff distribute water and sanitation kits to the affected people in Rakhine state, Myanmar

Plan International delivers tarpaulins relief supplies to the affected areas in Myanmar

Plan International is seeking budgets of approximately HKD$ 3.8 million and HKD$ 3.2 million to support the aid efforts in Myanmar and Pakistan respectively. We urge the public to lend a helping hand to the affected communities.

Please donate to the needy and vulnerable communities in floods

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Please mail or email the original bank receipt (mention: Myanmar and Pakistan floods) together with your name, address and telephone number to Plan International Hong Kong.

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Please mail or email the cheques payable to Plan International Hong Kong Limited. Please mention: Myanmar and Pakistan floods and write your name, address and telephone number at the back.

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