A million people in urgent need of help after the strongest storm hit India in 20 years

Extremely severe cyclone Fani, the strongest cyclone hitting India in 20 years, made its landfall on India’s east coast last Friday (3 May). Despite the government’s prompt evacuation of 1.2 million people, the cyclone has made widespread devastation, destroying many houses, schools, crops and livestock. Families have lost all possessions and are living in dire situation. Nearly 40 deaths have been reported in Odisha state so far.

Plan International has finished assessing the situation on the ground and is coordinating with local partners to mount an emergency response.

  • To distribute dry food ration, cooking utensils and hygiene kits, etc. to 5,000 families
  • To provide education kits that consist of notebooks and stationary items to 2,000 children
  • To help repair damaged houses for 2,000 needy families
  • To set up 50 Child Friendly Spaces and provide psychosocial support to affected children


“Houses were destroyed overnight and the affected are short of water and food. With schools being damaged and children losing their learning materials, dropping out of school has become a growing concern. Please donate and help provide assistance to the affected and let children continue their study.”


Plan International staff member is assessing damage in Odisha state following cyclone Fani.

Families lost their homes as the roofs of many houses have been blown away or badly damaged.

Operating in India since 1979, Plan International has been helping marginalised children to access their rights to health, sanitation, education, livelihoods and protection for 40 years. We have also been providing emergency support to families affected by flooding in Southern India.

Please lend a helping hand to ensure children and their families get the support they need!

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