Alfred Cheung, Cindy Yeung and family fully committed to supporting Plan International’s “Walk for Children” 2014

Plan Ambassadors renowned film director Mr. Alfred Cheung and Ms Cindy Yeung, Chairperson of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, together with son Justin have got behind Plan’s “Walk for Children” 2014 as a family unit to participate in the event to be held on 27th April 2014 at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.

Their hope is that many more families and individuals will join them to help raise funds for education programmes in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, particularly early childhood education services for pre-school children.

Mr. Cheung’s stalwart support of Plan springs from that most personal of reasons – as a young boy, he himself was once a beneficiary of its sponsorship programmes. He said, “I remember my mother taking me and my siblings to Hong Kong all by herself many years ago. It was Plan that provided the school fee, allowing me to receive an education. When I was unwell, Plan would pay for me to visit the doctor. At the age of 10, I developed an infectious eye disease but fortunately Plan helped me by paying for the operation.

Plan provided me with enormous support, granting me insight into how the power of the general public can easily change the entire destiny of a poor family. Now it’s my turn to give back and to make a difference in the lives of other families.”

Inspired by his story, his compassion and his example, Alfred’s wife Cindy Yeung and his son Justin have also joined forces to support Plan, the latter travelling with his father and the organisation to Shaanxi in China to see for themselves the conditions endured by the children in impoverished communities and the opportunities to help improve that through sponsorship.

Four years ago, shortly after Plan returned to Hong Kong to set up its office, Cindy agreed to become an Ambassador for Plan’s Because I am a Girl (BIAAG) campaign, rightly identifying it as a cause that she, and the company she chairs, Emperor Watch and Jewellery, could wholeheartedly support – helping underprivileged girls who would otherwise languish at the bottom of society, disregarded and abused.

She commented, “Along the road in life, each of us will have more or less received help from other people. That’s how we’ve come to be what we are today. I share the same thinking with Alfred. Both of us will fully support Plan’s “Walk for Children” and I sincerely hope that more people can join us and grasp the opportunity to alter for the better the plight of children in Ningxia, China.”

Donations last year built and equipped three pre-school classrooms and provided teacher training for the organisation’s pre-school education programmes in Yunnan, China, benefitting 300 children in total. Funds this year will replicate that effort in Ningxia.

Participants in this year’s Walk for Children will also be able to experience for themselves a little of the hardship that children in Yunnan and Ningxia face by trying the experiential activities that have been specially devised and incorporated into the event.

“Walk for Children” 2014 is now open for enrolment and the deadline is 27th March 2014. Participants may enjoy this special day with family and friends. Please call 3583 3100 for enrolment and enquiries or visit our event website for online registration.


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