Charlene cares about the needs of deprived children in developing countries, and she has been sponsoring children through Plan International since 2014. Earlier, she went to Shaanxi, China to visit her sponsored child Rong Rong, whom she has sponsored for eight years! Charlene decided to donate her own-brand mooncakes to Plan International Hong Kong for a charity sale after getting to know about the situation of Rohingya children.


The G7 countries announced a global commitment of US$2.9 billion for girls’ education in crises. The G7 also endorsed a Declaration supporting the importance of investing in children’s education in crises, with a special focus on girls who face additional barriers because of their gender. This Declaration, coupled with the substantial financial investment, will help unlock the power of girls living in the world’s most difficult places by realising their right to an education.


Every year, more than 8,000 girls and women are trafficked in Nepal. They are being trafficked within Nepal, across the border into India or to other countries.


Noor is 11 and lives in a camp with her parents and older brother and sister. She attends mosque every morning and learns Arabic there. When she returns to her tent after her lesson, she says there is nothing for her to do.


Bangladesh continues to have one of the highest child marriage rates worldwide, despite laws that ban early marriages. With more than 50 per cent of all girls in the country being married off before the age of 18, Plan International and the government of Bangladesh have launched a mobile application to tackle the harmful practice.


Recently graduated from high school with flying colours, Erika is determined to become a cardiologist or a neurosurgeon and has applied for scholarships at top universities. Four years ago, she had to leave her studies behind as her family was living in poverty. With Plan International’s help, she could continue her education.


To open their eyes to their potential, Plan International is working to help teenagers, especially girls, build life skills, including self-confidence, interpersonal communication techniques and career planning through the Better Life Options and Opportunities Model+ (BLOOM+) project in Nigeria.


‘Youth Conference 2018’ will be held in August and September 2018. Application is now open to students of F.3 or above. Participants will exchange ideas with other young people and develop global citizenship through desktop research, discussion, public speaking, and poster design. Application deadline is 20 June 2018 (Wednesday).


Charlene Tse, the winner of Miss Hong Kong Pageant is passionate about cooking and runs her own cookie business. Excelling in the business field, she never forgets about the needs of deprived children in developing countries. She visited Shaanxi, China in 2010 and has become the sponsor of 100 children since 2014!


The average woman menstruates for 3,000 days during her life time. It’s a normal biological process, but there are still negative beliefs and taboos around periods in developing countries which hold girls back, causing them to drop out of school and suffer from bullying and unfair treatments.